About Us

Waste management can be confusing and often involving an abundance of information. We will help you along the way – making the process compliant, simple, and smooth for you.

8 years of waste oil experience

The Oil Monster team is a small and close-knit team lead by manager Lorna who works together with five sales executives and nine drivers to deliver the best waste oil collection and recovery service for you.

Founded in 2012 Oil Monster set out to make the collection and treatment of unused and unwanted waste oil sustainable and economically viable for our customers.

Each year we collect around 10 million litres of waste oil which is treated through a re-refinement process and can be used again and again. Do you want to join the club and become one of approximately 1,500 yearly happy customers – contact us today for a free and instant quote.

Commitment to waste management

We are a licenced contractor, with all the necessary certifications to legally collect and recover your waste oil. Our experienced and helpful staff happily answer any questions you have either on phone or through the contact form.

We will visit your site within 5 working days of booking a collection. When we have collected your waste oil it is immediately transported to a re-refinery, where the waste oil is treated to the highest industry standards before it is recovered or disposed of.

For compliance we will provide you with the legal paperwork outlining what waste we have collected and the quantity of it. You must keep a record of this paperwork for at least 2 years.

Dedication to the environment

We strive to act responsibly by minimising the negative impact Oil Monster has on the environment.

We have made a commitment to our ethical waste disposal policy and are continuously evaluating possible improvements and identifying innovations that would allow us to minimise the potential harm Oil Monster may do to the environment.

All of our waste oil collections are re-refined. Re-refinement of oil is a sophisticated process eliminating impurities from waste oil and returning a re-refined oil that is identical to or even better than some virgin based oils. This process of re-refining can be done multiple times, and has less impact than the refinement of crude oil and it uses less energy.