Useful Links.

So where do you go when you want a resource for all of those oil and waste related questions?
Below are a list of links which we believe will help you, help yourself when it comes to daunting world of waste!

Waste Oil Bank

Do you produce less than 200 litres of waste engine oil in a year?
Do you use the new oil container to store the waste oil from a oil filter change?
Would you like to find somewhere close to you that you can dispose of your waste oil compliantly?
If the answer is yes to all of the above click the link Waste Oil Bank.
*UK oil banks are for waste engine oil, not cooking oil, thinners, white spirit, paint or any other chemical

Do I need to register my premises?

So you produce waste in your place of work, 'who do I need to contact?' will be your first question,
'Shall I bother contacting anybody?' will likely be your second question.
Click on the 'Do I need to register my premises' link to be taken to the Environment Agency website
and to find all the answers you require.