Waste Oil Recycling

The amount of mineral oil waste arising in the UK is difficult to quantify for a number of reasons.

ORA - The UK's Oil Recycling Association believe that waste lubricating oil arising in the UK is some 350,000 tonnes per annum, being roughly 50% of that potentially recoverable from sales of 700,000 tonnes per annum of new lubricants placed each year onto the UK market.

On average, 200,000 tonnes of Processed Fuel Oil is produced each year from recycling used lubricants such as car engine oils.

PFO can be used instead of virgin fuel to fire burners in power stations, boilers, lime kilns and roadstone coating plants.

Recycled Fuel Oil (RFO) Is another product made available through recycling waste oil, it is less stringently tested than PFO in terms of quality, but users must be compliant with the Waste Incineration Directive (WID 2006) to use the product.

Despite these available recycling methods millions of litres of used lubricants are incinerated every day after being used only once! Oil monster can produce an unlimited amount of both PFO and RFO, if you are interested in oil monster supplying your company with either of these fuels please contact us. Additionally if you can supply the waste oil to produce these fuels CONTACT US!

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