Corporate responsibility

Monster waste services believes truly that your time should be spent doing what you do best. Waste and the need to recycle is a by product of your expertise.

That being said waste is our expertise and Oilmonster ensure that each minute of each day will be spent finding and sourcing new recycling technologies to recycle your waste and extract any value it still holds.

Oilmonster are not shy in telling our customers if we can buy your waste. We will be honest if your waste has a value, its in all of our interests.

Monster waste services already specialise in recycling:
Waste solvent – waste acid – batteries – weee - waste plastic – baled cardboard – compostable materials (you'd be surprised what goes into compost!) - mattresses – pallets – plasterboard

As well as keeping our customers up to date with the latest recycling news and environment issues, Oil monster also love to help others.

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