Contaminated waste fuel collections in your area


Oil Monster can provide collections for all mixed or contaminated fuels. We will collect any volume of waste fuel, from small drummed packages to full tanker loads.


Your waste fuel can be scheduled for collection from your site with all consignment note paperwork provided free of charge. We are also able to offer a replacement drum service for the ones we have collected.
Once the contaminated fuel has been collected, it will then be recycled into new fuel products or if required it can be sent for specialist hazardous waste disposal.


The types of fuels we take are:
• Kerosene
• Diesel
• Petrol/diesel mix
• Red Diesel
We are all about customer service and our monster team are always available to help you in any
way we can to dispose of your waste in a timely and effective manner.


Your waste is our fuel, so get rid of your waste fuel today and give us a call on 0844 8111 392 or
get in touch here. Alternatively, why not use our live chat box on the bottom of your screen, where there is always someone waiting to answer your query.


Don’t forget to use our handy calculator (on the right) to give you a competitive quote to collect your waste oil, wherever you are.


The Cost to Collect Your Waste Oil !

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