Feed the Oil Monster with Your Waste Oil


Our fleet of collection vehicles are available across the UK and in your area. Once we’ve been to
collect your waste, our team of experts will process your oil legally and responsibly.


We then repurpose it to different industries for heat, power or we simply dispose of the waste products within set guidelines to ensure we remain compliant and are always doing the right thing.


We are all about customer service and our monster team are always available to help you in any
way we can to dispose of your waste in a timely and effective manner.


Your waste is our fuel, so get rid of your waste oil today and give us a call on 0844 8111 392 or get in touch and contact us here or why not use our live chat box on the bottom of your screen.


Don’t forget to use our handy calculator (on the right) to give you a competitive quote to collect
your waste oil, wherever you are.


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